Cemento One Industry is a continuous surface particularly suitable for use as a floor covering in highly-trafficked commercial and industrial environments. It provides outstanding performance and, in fact, its formulation is such as to block rising surface damp, while at the same time conveying a natural and modern appearance.

The entire application makes surfaces waterproof, conveying elegance to the work covering within the context of which it is part and ensuring natural and harmonious integration with the surrounding environments, all in a thickness of just 2 mm.

One, like all manolobagni superfici products, consists of the best raw materials on the market and is strictly made in ITALY, obtained from the selection of marble and mineral cements and the best epoxy formulations.

The colours and lacquers are obtained by using the most valuable available earths and natural pigments whereby we are able to offer over 4000 customizable colours suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The versatility of the material and the warm, light and transparent chromatic effect permit a constantly innovative, imaginative and artistic use of the earths, and release this ancient material from the bonds of traditional decoration. The natural and eco-compatible origin of the earths allows their use to also be extended to green building.

One stands out among other continuous floors in terms of its unparalleled beauty, strength, durability and easy maintenance.

Manolobagni superfici One products are tested by the Istituto Giordano and are EC certified with top results for abrasion, compression, flexion, traction, adhesion, impact resistance, mould certification, water vapour, in addition to certifications for floors in the presence of food, reaction to fire both on walls and floors, rising damp, anti-slip certifications.

One Industry is ideal for continuous flooring, and is particularly suitable for shops, offices, shopping centres and industries.

One increases the perspective of spaces, because it is a continuous surface without joints.

One is an entirely ecological product, biocompatible and suitable for green building, easy to apply and with a fast processing cycle.

The best one is ONE®



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