One resin is a continuous surface coating of the latest generation, capable of satisfying the most complex architectural and design needs. Its appearance is refined and natural, silky to the touch and suitable for stylish and modern decor schemes.

Like all other manolobagni surface coatings, One resin is made with the best raw materials available, and is totally Made in Italy using only water-based diluents. It contains and releases no harmful substances, and its application thickness is just 2.5 mm.

Colours and lacquer finishes are obtained using the finest ground minerals and natural pigments, with which we can offer over 4000 customized colours suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

The versatility of the product and the warmth, lightness and transparency of its chromatic effects allow it to be used in ways that are always new, imaginative and artistically inspired, in original interpretations of traditional materials that are no longer purely decorative. The natural and environmentally friendly source of the raw materials allows the product to be used in green building projects as well.

Manolobagni superfici One products are tested by the Istituto Giordano and are EC certified with top results for abrasion, compression, flexion, traction, adhesion, impact resistance, mould certification, water vapour, in addition to certifications for floors in the presence of food, reaction to fire both on walls and floors, rising damp, anti-slip certifications.

One resin is the ideal solution for continuous surface coatings, and is particularly suitable for covering walls and floors, heated floors, bathrooms, shower cubicles, washbasins, furniture, bathtubs, tables, worktops and furnishing items in general.

One resin enhances the perception of space, creating continuous surfaces without gaps or joints.

One resin is a totally ecological product, environmental friendly, suitable for green building, and quick and easy to apply.





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